ND Forum and Election 2020: Think. Engage Respectfully. Vote.

We live in extraordinary times. The historic convergence of social, economic, and public health challenges has profoundly impacted the lives of millions of Americans and people across the globe. In the midst of these realities, the 2020 U.S. presidential election and how we as a nation approach finding solutions to these and other challenges before us is critically important. As a community dedicated to scholarship and rooted in our Catholic mission, we seek to cultivate a broad and informed view of the issues, to listen to one another and share ideas respectfully, and to engage as citizens in the democratic process. To this end, we are creating this calendar of events for 2020-21 to help you be part of the campus conversations being planned by many departments and groups across campus about a wide range of issues leading up to the election and beyond. 

Since its establishment in 2005 by Notre Dame’s president, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., the Notre Dame Forum has addressed timely topics from multiple perspectives. Each year, the campus community is invited to focus on a central theme of particular importance to the University, the nation, and the larger world. In prior years, the ND Forum has focused on, among other topics, The Church Crisis and ResponseGlobalization, Sustainability, and Immigration.